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Hi, I'm Sharon

I love to use my talents and skills to help nonprofits & foundations communicate their story effectively.


I believe that by helping how I can – with my specialized graphic design skills – I’m helping support the leaders and changemakers out there who are making an impact in their communities and beyond. It makes me feel like what I do helps make a difference in the world. And really, isn’t that something we all want? To leave the world a better place than we found it.

You’re looking for a designer you can collaborate with and trust that the design will be done on time, on budget and on point. You need a designer that keeps you updated on the process but that doesn’t either ghost you or inundate your already overflowing inbox. What you really want is to be able to hand over all your content and let someone else you trust make it look great, so you can get back to ALL the other things you need to do.

With 14 years experience, I’m pretty darn good at managing large projects with lots of moving parts and pieces, meeting deadlines and ensuring my clients are delighted with the final product of our work together.

Photo of Sharon, as a child, from the Qurious Effect, Nonprofit Graphic Design.


When I was a small child, my grandfather would prepare for my visits by hiding m&m's in various places around his home and when I arrived, I would dash inside to find them. After finding (and eating) all the m&m's, I got to listen to him tell me stories – the man could tell a story!

These traits have stuck with me my whole life, I’m extremely curious and I love to listen. And they're qualities that are very important to my work as a graphic designer. I listen to your organization’s story, then explore what makes you unique. Letting your story come alive within my mind, I develop design concepts that fit your brand to a “T”. Then we collaborate, bringing all the elements together, creating marketing materials that help keep your stakeholders engaged and support your fundraising efforts all while communicating your mission.



My boys, photo by Sharon of The Qurious Effect | Nonprofit and Foundation marketing materials design
Photo of art by Sharon of The Qurious Effect | Nonprofit and Foundation graphic designer
Photo of Sharon from the Qurious Effect, Nonprofit and Foundation annual report and publication design.
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 On a More Professional Note...


Professional, modern, effective graphic design is what The Qurious Effect is all about. I've been a creative thinker my whole life, a graphic designer for 14 years, a business owner for over a decade and collaborated with many nonprofits, foundations and small businesses to help bring their stories to life. Along the way I've worked with the Aspen Institute, the Bezos Family Foundation, 5Point Film Festival, The Safina Center and over a hundred other happy clients.


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about working with me?

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