Introducing The Design

The Design is a three-week client focused, goal-driven Squarespace website design package for heart centered entrepreneurs. Offered by The Qurious Effect, a Squarespace webdite designer

You may or may not already have a Squarespace website that you DIY’d (and spent hours upon hours setting up) but doesn’t seem to feel quite right.

You know something is missing but you can’t quite place your finger on it.

At this point, you’re not sure what to do and you don’t have the time to or knowledge to sort it all out … and overwhelm is starting to set in.

If you’re so ready to move past this place of feeling lost, then I’ve got a Squarespace web design service just for you.

The Design is a limited-availability, 3-week Squarespace website design package for heart centered entrepreneurs.

It results in a handcrafted and personalized Squarespace website carefully designed to let you and your brand shine.

A completely customized experience, with lots of follow-up support.

I designed this package to help entrepreneurs just like you create websites that are not only beautiful and feel like they fit like a glove but that also work hard to connect to your ideal clients so you can separate yourself and stand out in your field while doing the awesome work you’re a #girlboss at.




I love to take your unique, individual elements and create something beautiful that’s also a powerful business tool.



Interested in learning what my design process is like? Read on!


Here’s what THE DESIGN includes and why each piece is so important:

+ WEB QUESTIONNAIRE: Pre-project homework so you can make sure you’re on point with your brand and your site’s goals. It’s important to define your goals so we know what metrics to track. That way we can make sure your site is working towards your goals.

+ PINTEREST INSPIRATION BOARD: This is such an interesting piece of the puzzle. This is where my clients really connect words to visuals, to clearly express what they mean. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “I’ll know it when I see it”?

+ WEBSITE CONTENT WORKBOOK: The nitty-gritty of your site, who, what, when and where all get detailed with this step so your content is all set to go by your project start date. We can't create an effective website if we don't know what needs to be included.

+ 60-MINUTE SITE STRATEGY CALL: About a week before your project starts and after you turn in your pre-project homework, we have a meeting to go over everything about your project and answer any questions either of us has so we can clearly move forward with your project.

+ UP TO A 12-PAGE CUSTOMIZED SQUARESPACE WEBSITE: These aren’t just any 12 pages, they are strategic, client-focused, powerful pages with clear calls to action and that are direction oriented.

+ MOBILE RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Absolutely, we don’t want the Google bots dinging you for not having a mobile-friendly site and we definitely don’t want to make it harder for your clients to connect with you from any of their devices.

+ BASIC SEO: Squarespace automatically generates a sitemap that can be uploaded to Google Analytics and I’ll make sure we take care of some basic SEO items within your account as well as show you how to keep the good SEO vibes going once your site is up and running.

+ USER AND BROWSER TESTING: Before turning over your website keys, I take your site for a spin on various browsers and get input from users (on up to 3 pages) unfamiliar with your site to make sure your site makes sense.


And I’ve included two bonuses too:

+ A demo video showing you how to use your site: customized for your specific site, the video will walk you through how to navigate your way around your Sqaurespace site, add content, write blog posts and anything else specific to your design that you’ll need to know how to do.

+ 2 weeks post-launch email support: for two weeks, you’ve got unlimited access to ask me anything about your site. You’ve got this!


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