How to Tell if your Website is Strategic

How to Tell if your Website is Strategic by The Qurious Effect, offering Squarespace web design

I’m starting to hear this question a lot so let’s jump in and figure it out.

You probably have a website but it may not be strategic unless you’ve spent some time thinking about your site from a big picture perspective.


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Your website is strategic if you have:

  • Clearly defined business goals that you have developed into goals for your website

  • Website goals that are measurable and you’ve got a system in place to track your metrics

  • mapped out the flow of your website so you know how to steer your visitors from landing on your site for the first time to ready to buy your services

  • Thought about and determined what should go where on every page of your site

  • Come up with strong, clear calls-to-actions (CTA’s) and placed them on every page of your site (sometimes in multiple places within the same page)

  • Taken into consideration your branding and how it influences your site

  • A clearly defined dream client that you can align your site with in such a way as to make her feel like she just landed on the perfect site to solve her problems

  • Designed your site around user experience (so it’s enjoyable for your client to use), simple and purpose driven (so it’s easy for her to find what she needs), scannable (because most of us don’t have the time to read paragraph upon paragraph of text), effectively placed your CTA’s and included SEO keywords (so the Google bots can find you)

  • Tracked your metrics, to see what’s working and what needs improving (don’t forget to celebrate your wins)

  • Worked out how to improve lagging metrics and taken steps to implement the changes



Once you commit to implementing a strategic website, you’ll likely notice:

  • Engagement and page views go up

  • Your email list grows

  • More qualified leads fill out your work with me form

  • Your website and therefore business look way more professional

  • Your branding and website work together to drive sales

  • Overwhelm and stress are distant memories

  • You can raise your rates


Here’s what a couple happy clients have to say about working with me:


Your time and skill are easily worth 10x the price. — Sarah Kuhn | SARAH KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY



The whole experience was phenomenal. Now I'm filled with confident knowledge of myself and my business. — Kristina Weller | YOGA WITH K2



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