What It's Like to Work with Me on your Squarespace Website Design

What it's like to work with The Qurious Effect on your Squarespace Website Design

Web designers sometimes get a bad rap for being too techie and hard to talk to about web design. Like you can’t understand what they’re talking about and you feel like they speak a foreign language. It can be intimidating and frustrating to feel like you can’t make sense of what someone is saying as well as feeling like you’re not being understood.


Would you believe that in my own experience working with web designers, I’ve felt the same way?! It’s true, when a business I was a partner in built websites for clients, we often worked with other designers and programmers and I felt like we couldn’t communicate well at all. I dreaded having to call them because I knew I’d get off the phone feeling so, so frustrated.

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That’s one of the biggest reasons I started designing websites myself, using Squarespace. The platform is so user-friendly that I no longer felt like web design speak is a foreign language.


Ultimately, I want to be able to design great looking websites that are also powerful tools for my clients. And that’s a huge part of why I love working in Squarespace. And why it’s easy for me to talk to clients about their websites. We don’t have to talk about code and CSS to be able to create a site you love and that works beautifully for you. There will be code and CSS but I promise we don’t have to talk about it much.


And once we complete your site, you will feel confident in your ability to manage your site, make any adjustments that come up and maintain your blog all on your own. Plus you won’t have to worry about managing updates as that’s all taken care of by Squarespace.


In order to create a client converting website that works for you, you’ve got to put some upfront work into what you want your website to do and why. So when you work with me, that’s exactly what we do.


Here’s what it’s like to go through my process of creating a customized Squarespace website that perfectly reflects your brand:

  • Schedule your free consult call where we'll decide if we're a good fit for each other. If we are, I’ll send you a project agreement and deposit invoice.
  • Signing the agreement and paying the deposit hold your spot on my calendar and between then and your project start date, you'll work on your pre-project website planning homework. About a week before your project start date, we have a 60-minute strategy meeting to make sure we're on the same page and then I get started on your site design.

a. If you already have a solid brand identity with colors, fonts, logo and style, we'll work from that to design your site.

b. If you don't then you may need to add on a branding package so we can ensure your brand and website work together seamlessly to support your business. Please be sure to mention this when you fill out the consult questionnaire.

  • I'll plan out your site and work on the homepage design first. You'll get up to 2 revisions here to get the design just right.
  • After approval, I start creating the other pages and adding your content. Since you already approved the design, you get one revision here to get things just right.
  • I'll test your site on various browsers and devices to ensure it looks great on any screen and send a final invoice to you. We'll also schedule your training call and once final payment has been made, I'll connect your domain to your site and transfer ownership to you. After our training and ownership has been transferred, you'll be all set to launch your site. Paying for your Squarespace hosting will officially launch your site into the world. Woo Hoo!


Plus these bonuses

  • A demo video showing you how to use your site
  • 2 weeks post launch email support with minor revisions
  • 20% off your first year of annual Squarespace hosting


And once you're a client of The Qurious Effect, you're eligible to continue working with me on projects not offered to the general public.


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