Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship

Program One Sheet | marketing collateral design

The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship (AYLF) identifies, cultivates, and amplifies future generations of talent to engage in the values-based leadership essential for transforming their lives and society for the better. The fellowship is a place-based, multi-site program that nurtures a cadre of diverse youth committed to addressing the most compelling social, political, and scientific issues facing their communities. As they continue working to expand their reach, they need tools to help get their value across to potential communities and stakeholders. That’s where the one-sheet comes in. While the program is based on the Aspen Institute’s global leadership network method, AYLF is geared towards youth, so their one-sheet needed to have a youthful, while still professional layout. We achieved this by using the fractal elements of their logo overlapping photos and text, breaking up the modern and clean 3-column layout with transparency and vibrancy.

The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship (AYLF) develops, celebrates and nurtures young leaders to connect their passions to their purpose and impact their communities. AYLF young community leaders have the right mix of idealism, impatience and passion needed to make a difference. A diverse and young group of high potential leaders build bridges and trust while also bringing critical insights, unique perspective and solutions not previously considered. AYLF leaders understand complex social and economic local conditions and are excited to work collaboratively with their fellow citizens across differences to develop long-term solutions.

Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship One Sheet front | Nonprofit Marketing Collateral Design by The Qurious Effect.
AYLF_OneSheet2-800.jpgAspen Young Leaders Fellowship One Sheet back | Nonprofit Marketing Collateral Design by The Qurious Effect.