Finance Leaders Fellowship

Fellowship Publication | printed publication design

The Finance Leaders Fellowship is a fellowship program of the Aspen Global Leadership Network at the Aspen Institute. As a growing program, it was time to recap the successes their fellows had seen through photos, stories and statistics as well as introduce their work to potential partners. The goal was to generate curiosity about the fellowship, engage both potential fellows and donors to learn more about becoming involved with the program, the benefits and results. The challenge was to create a printed piece that could work for the program over multiple years. So we developed a publication designed to grow with the program. By creating the piece as a publication with a pocket folder in the back, we allowed for any time-sensitive material to be printed in smaller quantities as needed, inserted into the pocket and swapped out as needed. To engage potential fellows and donors we showed examples of current fellows and let their own thoughts about the experience show just how much impact the fellowship has had on their ability to lead and the effect their efforts have brought forth.

The Aspen Institute's Finance Leaders Fellowship develops a community of enlightened leaders to chart the course of the global finance industry. Fellows strengthen their companies' cultures, look for ways to improve system stability, and innovate to ensure global financial inclusion.