New Brand Identity & Squarespace website for Yoga with K2


I recently wrapped up a brand and Squarespace web design project for a client and am thrilled with the work that resulted from our collaboration.

For this project, I got to work with an amazing woman who not only teaches elementary school full-time, she’s also an amazing yogi who shares her smiles and skills with her community at a few studios in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

Kristina’s open-hearted desire to help others and bring smiles of joy to her clients faces shined through in her photography, logo and website. It was an honor to be part of bringing Yoga with K2 to life

Let’s take a look!

Yoga with K2 brand board by The Qurious Effect. A brand identity and Squarespace web design studio.

Based on Kristina’s Pinterest board, her brand questionnaire answers and our conversation, we were aiming to develop a simple, clean and joyful hand-crafted look to her brand.

Adjectives that describe Yoga with K2 are: happiness, joyful, simple, optimistic, sincere, wonder-filled, a breath of fresh air, heartfelt, whimsy, knowledgeable, witty and fresh.

After getting sign off on the inspiration board, I dove in on the logo concepts.

Logo Concepts

Yoga with K2 logo design options by The Qurious Effect, a branding and Sqaurespace web design studio based in Santa Barbara, CA

Concept 1 | Joyful Smiles

Based on the natural element of a dandelion tuft and smiles, this concept distills a whole heck of a lot of the words that represent the brand’s feel and look: smiling, approachable, connected, supportive, welcoming, optimistic, joyful, energetic, whimsy and expansion.

Concept 2 | Ground • Connect • Shine

This is a fairly abstract option. It’s made of three individual ‘elements’ that represent Yoga with K2. The line on the bottom represents grounding, the overlapping circles represent community and the rays represent expansive shining. The elements here could all be used as icons too.

Ultimately Concept 2 was selected and we worked to refine the concept until it was perfected. We ended up going with only two of the original icon elements and we were both so happy with the final version.

Secondary Logos and Submarks

Once the logo was selected and finalized, I moved on to creating logo variations and marks.

Yoga with K2 Submarks and Icons by The Qurious Effect, a brand and Squarespace web design studio for unstoppable entrepreneurs

After the secondary logos were sorted out, we moved on to collateral. 


Yoga with K2 collateral design by The Qurious Effect, a brand and squarespace web design studio for creative entrepreneurs

To bring the whole brand identity together, I created the brand style guide. It brings all the elements together in one place for future reference anytime an additional design related item needs to be created. 

Squarespace Website Design

That last piece in the process was a Squarespace website.  We used a short scrolling home page to add visual interest and engage viewers. And since Kristina had such amazing photographs taken by Sarah Kuhn Photography, we made sure to showcase large photos as the headers for every page. Kristina is also highly involved in Instagram groups promoting community while working on furthering your yoga practice, so we dedicated a whole page of her website to an Instagram gallery where visitors can see Kristina working on some really fun and challenging postures, all with a smile on her face and often with an amazing outdoor background - so fun!

To check out Yoga with K2's full website click the image above!

I’m so happy with how Yoga with K2’s brand and Squarespace website turned out and thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with Kristina.