The 3 Best New Squarespace Features You Need to Try Immediately

The 3 Best, New Squarespace Features You Need to Try by The Qurious Effect. A squarespace website design studio.

Recently, Squarespace launched new features and I’m excited to spread the word about them. Today, I’m sharing  3 of my favorite new features you need to try.


I love to ‘undo’. Don’t you? Have you ever found yourself trying to ‘undo’ something not on a computer? Like “whoops I just added too much water to my smoothie and now it’s too watery, undo, oh wait, I can’t undo in real life” … le sigh!

So when I recently saw that you can now undo style changes in Squarespace, I was just a *little* excited.

My workaround for testing out changes has been to be to take a screenshot of the original settings before I started changing them.

And not only can you undo just the last style change but you can undo many! And there are two ways to do it!


Let’s look at the two ways to undo:


You can use the undo and redo icons at the top right of the style editor. This will cancel the last style change you made. And if you made more than one style change you’d like to undo, click it again. You can keep undoing style changes this way until the dark grey undo icon becomes light grey. At that point, you’ve reached the end of your undoing.

Let’s say you just made a bunch of style changes and don’t want to sequentially step back through all of them - you want to keep some - but not others. You can do that too. By looking for the small dot to the left of the tweak you changed. Clicking on the dot will delete just that change and leave all the others set.

So go ahead and try out those changes you’ve been thinking about making but to mess things up before.

Squarespace has a great tutorial in case you’d like to see more. Check it out here.




2. Image Block 2.0

It used to be that in order to insert a more graphic, creative image with text you had to create it outside Squarespace and place the image with text as an image.

Now you’ve got 5 new image options to keep your text, text, which is helpful for your SEO. Examples of each are just below the list.

Each image option has it’s own text style so you can make changes (and undo them if you want) in the style editor.

  • CARD (aligns text to the left or right of an image)

  • COLLAGE (displays an image on one side and text over a background card, offsetting and overlapping the image)

  • INLINE (the classic image blog you're used to in SS)

  • OVERLAP (displays an image on one side with text on the other, partially overlapping the image)

  • POSTER (displays text over the image)

  • STACK (displays an image with text below and the option to use a background color behind the text)












So what’s your favorite new image option?

And in case you’d like to see more examples, check out the Squarespace article here.


3. Acuity Scheduling Block

Hello there to anyone that schedules appointments with either potential clients or current clients online, this one’s for you!

Squarespace now lets you add a scheduler to your site without having to embed code and without leaving your site. Squarespace has joined forces for this with Acuity, a popular scheduling tool that also has a nifty GSuite integration.

Acuity, on it’s own, requires a paid plan in order to embed a scheduler into email or a site but as a Squarespace customer, this new feature allows you to sign up for an Acuity Emerging Entrepreneur plan FOR FREE and it supports embedding.

You can even sign up for an Acuity account right in Squarespace as you’re adding the scheduling block.

Once you’ve signed up, you can make changes to the way your scheduler looks within Acuity and then copy/paste your account url into the Squarespace block and you’re done. How awesome is that!



Squarespace recently launched a new set of features that improve your experience working within your site as well as the user experience for clients interacting with your website. Of the new features, there are 3 that I believe are the most useful. They are:

  • The ability to undo style tweaks

  • New image blocks with text and graphics

  • The Acuity scheduling block


Are you as excited as I am about these new features? Or do you think one of the other new features not mentioned here deserves a spot on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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